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P.S. If you're wondering why I always do my smilie faces with an 8 it's because I have glasses 8). I thought that was more appropriate. (or at least more fitting.)


*You do not HAVE to live or be in America to be in PROJECT SWAC. It is only because this was made in America - to be more precise, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (GO YOOPERS!) 8)

*PROJECT SWAC is a non-profit organization (unless you happen to profit by getting over fears in this same way).

*No animals or creatures (except for non-existant imaginary beings) were hurt in the making of this club.

*P.S. This is only a game. I repeat this is only a game. If you choose to take any of this seriously besides what I said seriously, then you shall deal with the consequences, and I am not to be blamed for any other than my own actions.

*P.S.S. None of this is serious, but my nightmare was serious for me, and I was truthful in all that text about my dream, because that was the contents of it, and that was how I got over it.

*If you decide to unite me in my cause, you can put any or all of these schnazzy little ribbons on your web page with a link to this web page, or if you don't have a web page you can print out them and cut them out, and tape them to your lapel, or some bit of your clothing.. or make a necklace out of it! You'll be the new fad of the century!

*P.S.S.S. We apologize for the incovenience to all people who love smurfs.

ABOUT    SMURFS!!!!!!    (or    at    least    the    one    that    were    in    my    nightmares)   

They have a scheme to take over the world.

Originally, they appeared in a nightmare that occured because of two years of utter living HELL I suffered because of a juvenile named Lee Michael Salmons. I am certain the dream arose of him, because there was an essence of him in it. That and the fact that I was undergoing an emotional breakdown at that point because of him.

Okay: Here's my nightmare.

It was almost like an.. arcade game at first.

(This is the scheme about smurfs: here's the deal, according to my dream:) They are disguised in real life as friendly blue people living in mushroom houses, and all of the smurfs are guys except for Smurfette, and one of the little kids. Kinda icky idea, but anyways.. Really, smurfs are green, with entirely black, demonic eyes that look so cold.. and they have pointed ears. The only thing blue about them (other than when they were undercover) was their blood. They carry primitive weapons like spears and bows and arrows. That's all about them. (In an another dream, they were called smart blue thingys, and they sucked out the brains of friends of mine so that they were left brainless people, staring out into space with drool dripping out of their mouth.) Oh, and I forgot to mention.... they're evil.

I killed the whole populus of them all 2 times, then the third time they killed me. Then I remember volcanoes and then the pills..

The leader of the smurfs (who was NOT Papa Smurf, but Lee in the form of a smurf, or basically with his essence) took over a veterinary office. The leader made the vet put my cat, Kami Kazi asleep for no reason whatsoever.

I woke up crying my eyes out.

That was the first time I realized I loved Kazi.

Well, at least something good happened from it.

Finally, last year I got over the smurfs. For a while, I had a phobia of them, not because I was scared actually of smurfs but because I was afraid Lee would come back, and/or Kazi would be put to sleep or Kazi would end up suddenly dead for no reason whatsoever.

So here I am to tell you about my strange, ludicrous, and somewhat sweet manner of therapy.

My friends. Oh, they are what keep me going sometimes in life when everything else has given way and been shot to hell. My friends and I had a book which we called THE BOOK. We would write notes to each other in it. We were the Secret Asian Men. No, this is not a racial pun. I have absolutely NOTHING against Asian. In fact, I think I might have some relatives who are. Anyways, the place we got our Secret Asian Man title was because of this huge entire inside joke about some really weird guy we know (who was not Asian). And this joke was about the song: "Secret Asian Man". Obviously, I cannot entirely get the point across to you, but, you see it was so funny watching this guy singin, "Secret Agent Man" which turned out "Secret Asian Min", so I guess that's where it began. We all had codes, etc., and we made it all seem hush hush. Anyways, I told them about smurfs.. and they were really funny about it. They start singing "La la la la la la la la la la la SPLAT" and making huge big blue ink blots in the book. Everything that was blue (which was one of our school's colors) my friends said was covered with smurf blood. Kinda gory if you think of it in the wrong way.

In this process of splatting and making up schemes about smurfs I got over smurfs. Don't ask me how. I now think smurfs are funny. But I will never like them again the way I did when I was a little kid. They will never be my favorite show again and I shall never sit down in front of the TV and watch them. But, pictures will not scare me. 8) 8)

Thanks to my friend I can move on. Thanks to my friends I have a purpose again. Thanks to Miranda and Annabelle, I can get over whatever problems may arise. Thank you two, wherever you are.

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